Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It's Not A Planet, It's My Home. Creative Writing Examples.

Author: Wiremu


 I'm in hyper sleep. I have been asleep for 65 years. I start to wake up. I look through my blurry helmet it is as dirty as a dirty windscreen.

I hear my ship gliding through space, it was as smooth as a car on a freshly made road. The first thing I see is the beautiful star. It was as shiny as diamonds.

I felt my seat hugging me like a giant teddy bear, it was as hard as two walls crushing me. Next the warm sun was shining over my face.

I smell cake from my home, freshly baked. I taste delicious nuts in the cake. The earth it is so close my mum my dad will be there waiting there for me. I haven't seen my family in 65 years.

The  Atmosphere it is here,  I start to wobble and shake. I smell smoke in the air.

I walked out, I was alone. I saw blown up cars and nothing alive. Everything was dead, the breeze was upon me, it sent a shiver down my spine. My family is gone, a tear dripped down my face. Nothing is here but the concrete and dead trees.
   My home where has it gone?                    


Author: Narnya

It's Not A Planet, It's My Home.

I’m sleeping. Light shines on my face. It must be the sun. I slowly open my eyes.

I see the milky way it's green, blue and purple. I look up and I see a constellation of the jungle and my family. I am so happy and excited to go back home. I am wondering how much my brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews have grown. I hear asteroids shooting past. I feel sore from sitting here for 65 years. I hate being alone. For the past 65 years I've had the stars for company. Sometimes I feel like the stars are watching over me.

Finally I see earth in the distance. It looks a little bit different from when I left. I said to myself “Aww I can't wait to see everyone I'm so excited”. As I get closer and closer. I feel a rush of wind as my rocket hits the atmosphere it shakes  as if I was in a massive earthquake.

I thought about how my caretaker would feel about seeing me after 65 years. I'm so excited but so sad because I don't think I will be able to see space again.
All the planets, stars, milky way, and much more stuff. As I was enjoying the beautiful view my rocket had a rough landing it hurt and it gave me a fright.

The rocket door slowly opened and I quietly creeped out. I can’t believe what I see…

I slowly take my helmet off, it was terrible I smelt smoke and tasted  dirt and dust There was no water to be found, no green grass, just concrete buildings and wooden buildings. I look down and I pick up a branch, I look at the trees all of them are dead. All the leaves have fallen off and they are dead too. I feel like I want to go back to space.

My heart belongs to space.

Author : Mikaere 
It's Not A Planet, It's My Home.

I am dreaming and I am excited and I can't wait to see my family and my brother and sister. But I am scared to see planet Earth and I hope my home is still there.  I am gonna miss space and my rocket shield  is really really old. I touch my rocket ship for the first time then I heard a meteor pass me. I am hungry because I haven't had food in a long time. I can tell my story to my family. I hope they like it. I am going really, really, fast and my heart is pumping like a really fast rocket ship. I finally landed I stepped out of my rocket ship. I look around and there was rubbish on the ground and gun  bullets, the building were broken down I was so, so, so sad.

Author: Waisea
It's Not A Planet, It's My Home.

I am asleep it is so quiet. I am feeling good and I am dreaming about me going back to Earth. I feel so warm in my suit. My age is 10 years old and I have lived in space for 65 years.

Through my window I can see stars and planets and my home Earth.  The Milky Way is just nearby.

It is dark everywhere and my tummy is rumbling, I am hungry.  Can’t wait to see my brothers, my mum, my dad and my sisters. I am feeling really excited. At last I am going back down to Earth I am feeling great.

I am coming through the atmosphere.  My eyes are too blurring for me to see, I am  waking up. I can feel the hot sun on my face it is like a heater on a icy day. I am just about to land, I am scared, because the rocket ship is spinning out of control.   

Finally  I have arrived, there, I thought what a terrible mess!  What have the people done?

I was walking and my toes were slipping through the concrete, I saw broken vehicles and gun bullets.

Was it a war I thought to myself? I was so disappointed. I said to myself what has happened?

I was sad I had no home. I saw broken bones everywhere I was scared. I saw someone in the distance it was a big robot, all of a sudden I was happy.

I yelled out help!  It was not a goody it was a baddy. I was running for my life. Getting chased by a robot is not cool I was screaming. I got shot by it in the alleyway. Blood was pouring out of my hand. I felt sore and I could feel myself dying.      

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