Monday, March 26, 2018

Todays Learning KPMG Hui March

This morning we all met up at the KPMG head office building  to discuss our design thinking process and where we were up to. Most of us had reflected since our last hui and changed our focus question or direction.

I shared with the group how my focus had changed since meeting up with one of the people that I had previously identified as an expert. After discussing my proposal for inquiry with her we discussed the identified problem and picked it to bits. As a result I realised that it was not 'child speak' that the key competencies had to be translated into but 'teacher speak.'

The learning of the key competencies needs to start at the top and then once teachers are familiar with what they look like, sound like and feel like they can then use this knowledge to inform their planning and classroom delivery.

So where to now?? A prototype needs to be designed so that I have direction for my next stage.

I am hugely grateful to KPMG for the opportunity to create and explore ideas with my colleagues in such a vibrant, motivating space. Thank you also Justine for your time and feedback today.

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