Monday, October 3, 2016

ULearn16 Presentation

Learning how to create and deliver an Ignite Presentation was a new learning experience for me and something that I had not previously encountered. I wanted to present professionally and keep the audience engaged and excited while unpacking my inquiry findings. The results to date have proved that the intervention has been successful and I am excited to share what I have implemented in the classroom.

After researching how to do an Ignite presentation (20 slides which auto advance) 15 seconds each slide, presentation over in 5 minutes, I had to really condense previous presentations and cut all the extra information. Every word had to be carefully chosen and the slides had to be carefully prepared with a balance of images and text which was easy on the eye while still keeping the "guts" of the inquiry intact.

So I started to create..... Once I had completed it and matched the notes to fit, I then converted it into Keynote . That was exciting as I hadn't used Keynote for ages but it turned out well and I felt happy with it. All was needed now was lots of practise.

The day came, the presentation went well and I felt excited to be able to share my findings with other educators. Then I found out that John Couch the Vice President of Education at Apple had listened to my presentation....this was awesome such a privilege.

Below are links to my presentation and also my supporting notes. There is still more work to be done but to date things are looking good, the presentation is done and end point data collection is on the horizon.

                                                 Ignite presentation Multimodal Learning

                                                                  Supporting Notes

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