Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Digital Analysis Hiccup

Over the past few weeks I have been comparing a few vocabulary analysis digital tools to see which will be the best fit for my inquiry.

I have come across an awesome tool developed by Laurence Anthony called Antword Profiler. This piece of software is going to provide me with an in depth analysis of the children's writing that I will be able to use to inform my quantitative data in the initial stage. 

How does Antword Profiler work? Click on the link Antword Profiler to find out more about the tool.

I have had to adapt the tool to suit my inquiry as the lists that were developed to work in this programme were not going to be specific enough to enable me to see detailed movement in the progress of my children's writing throughout the inquiry. What does this mean? 

I had to create and import the Essential Word Lists 1-8 to use as a guideline as these are the lists that we use to teach spelling in my class.  - By the end of Y2 children should be expected to know all the words in List 1-2 , the end of Y4 - Lists 1-4, the end of Y6 - Lists 1-6, the end of Y8 Lists 1-7. In some cases children will have mastered all these words at an earlier stage. There will also be words that are not on these lists.

Antword did not work well with apostrophes, so on the lists I  collapsed or expanded those words eg. can’t is now cant etc but we’re is weare, I’m is Iam I’ll is Iwill and It’s is itis. Instances of these need to be modified in the child’s text before I load it into Antword.

Just a slight hiccup but easily solved.

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